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Incoherent Ramblings On Computer Architecture

The SvelteKit Migration

Vim Clutch Improved

Lisp Is The Best Programming Language Because It's The Only Programming Language

Content Addressed Identification

A Positive And Uplifiting Post About The Economy, The Future, And Oil

Sometimes To Cope With The Difficulty Of Being Alive, I Consider The Possibility That I Don't Actually Exist And All My Memories Are The Dreams Of An Imaginative Red Panda

How To VSRG Like Me

Recycling Is Capitalist Propaganda And Here's Why

An Anime Made Me Rethink My Entire View On Cognition

Lockdown Thoughts: Social Media That Doesn't Suck

Lockdown Thoughts: A Worker Cooperative

Graphs, Capitalism, And Ecological Collapse

Estoult: Not An ORM

Stop Picking On The Borrow Checker ;(

Things I Like About Object-Oriented Programming

Lockdown Thoughts: Astolfo

Kubernetes Is Not The Post Apocalyptic Hellscape I Was Told It Would Be

Lockdown Thoughts: An Actually Good Anti-Gravity Racing Game

Why Apple Silicon Is A Big Deal

Is TikTok Spyware? And The Value Of Proof

Copy-Paste Compromises

GPT-3 Slaps Knees

I Scroll Through My Facebook Feed For The First Time

How Accurate Is Speaking Simulator?

I Am A Fish

Does The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Apply To Programming Languages?

Learning COBOL

Where’s Bidoof? - A Review of Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

Which Language Has The Best Counting?

This Is My 69th Post, Here Is Everything I Know About The Coronavirus

Anarchism For The Curious

I Nerd Sniped Myself And Wasted A Day On This Useless Post

The Vomit Draft

« My Favourite Shows Are Supernatural, And Star Trek: TNG »

DNS As A Database

Respecting Your Privacy

Nostalgia For Things I’ve Never Experienced (Also Capitalism Is Bad)

My Quest To Find Music That Doesn’t Suck

A Week Where I Check The Sources On Everything I Read

Stardew Valley Made Me Suicidal

How The Fuck Do You Write A Calculator?

A 2020 Technology Stack

Please Use This Post As The Related Text For Your English Essay In The HSC

What The Right Gets Wrong About Semantic Drift (And Linguistics In General)

Thing Of The Decade

Team Trees And The Climate Catastrophe

Top Ten Fun Things To Do When The Garage Door Opener Is Broken So You Can’t Get Your Car Out, Leaving You Stuck At Home

I Have Fixed The English Language And Await My Nobel Prize In Linguistics

A Written Guide To Adobe After Effects But It's A Phonetic Transcription [Addendum]

A Written Guide To Adobe After Effects But It's A Phonetic Transcription

Things I've Always Wondered About But Was Too Lazy To Google Until Now

Can I Get A Tax Deduction On This Skirt By Showing It On This Blog?

There's Too Much Pokèmon In This Fashion Game - A Review Of Pokèmon X

Life Is The Question, I Am The Answer (Dot Com)

Québec Wants To Preserve The French Language, I Want To Destroy It

I Teach You, A Person Of The Alt-Right, How To Properly Conceal Your Nazism

How To Subtly Include The Fact You Use Arch Linux Into Everyday Conversation

This Post Does Not Exist

This Post Does Not Exist [Addendum]

Yet Another Blog Rewrite

Book Backlog

An Idiot Teaches You How To Use A Coffee Siphon

Why Vim?


Goodbye Google

A Reference Of Linux Screen Commands Because I Keep Forgetting Them

Writing A Linked List In JavaScript

Let's Learn About Vim Script And The Ethics Of Capitalism

HackTheBox Notes - Curling (ft. Anger)

Pixel Sorting And Hiding Your Face From Strangers On The Internet

Baby's First Fork

HackTheBox Notes - Hawk (ft. Procrastination)

Life Is Temporary And So Are Hard Drives

I Finally Finish This Blog's First Production Release

Adding 2FA For CentOS/Ubuntu Servers

I Put A Bunch Of VMs Together And Call It A Lab

Saving The World One Dark Mode Setting At A Time

Auto Deploying WIth Travis CI And SSH

Google Hacking For Fun And For Profit

Writing A Simple Ruby Script To Automate Nmap

HackTheBox - Dev0ops

Race Car Setup Reference Manual (For Video Games)

HackTheBox - Optimum (ft. PowerShell)

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Looking At My .Vimrc

A Basic Pen Test Of Every Web Application I've Made

Techwear Clothing and How To Live Out Your Dystopian Cyberpunk Dreams

How The Fuck Do You Write A Search Engine?

MacBook & MacOS First Impressions

I Learn To Draw Diagrams and You Learn About Rainbow Tables

An Introduction to Honeypots/Honeynets

Let's Look At Malware I Got From Work

A Basic Deployment Guide For Aiohttp + Gunicorn + Nginx

Retro Exploits - Cross Site Tracing (XST)

Spotify Playlist Depression Score

How The Fuck Do You Write a Blog?

SSL And Encryption

Setting up a LAMP Stack on CentOS 7