A Written Guide To Adobe After Effects But It's A Phonetic Transcription [Addendum]


This is an addendum to my previous post which you can read here.

Fun fact: The post was actually going to be a serious guide to After Effects but I got bored a quarter of the way in and decided to practice memorising the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) instead.

And that's when this great idea hit me:

What if I combine these two ideas into one shitty post?

Just to be clear in case you were going into this post expecting it; I'm not going to convert it back into English, I'm leaving it as an exercise for you. You can use this chart to help you.

To transcribe the post I used this website which was able to transcribe most of the words. It basically just has a dictionary database of English words and replaces it with it's phonetic transcription. There were a few words that weren't in it's database, so I had to them transcribe myself.

One of which is: PragerU. If you are wondering why I mentioned PragerU in a post about Adobe After Effects you should transcribe it for yourself to read. Or re-read. It has layers.

Anyway let's get into the transcription for PragerU /preɪgə'juː/:

  • Plosive, bilabial: /p/ (put)
  • Trill, alveolar: /r/ (ray)
  • Diphthong: /eɪ/ (bait)
  • Plosive, velar: /g/ (got)
  • Schwa: /ə/ (about)
  • Approximant, palatal: /j/ (yacht)
  • Close, back: /uː/ (boot)

This is all pretty basic stuff, the phoneme is between the slashes (/) and the pronunciation is the bold parts of the words in the parentheses. One thing I wasn't too sure on was the syllable stress which is denoted by the straight single quote ('). As you can see I put it before the /juː/ or 'U' which may not be correct. I assumed this had stress because it was capitalised, but I think the stress could also be at the start like it many other words. If this is wrong please tell me!

Another word was: dumbass /ˈdʌm.æs/. Again if you a wondering why that word is in a guide about After Effects, please read it. I'm too lazy to go into each phoneme again so I'll leave it as another exercise for you ;)

Side note: I don't know what an addendum is. According to Wikipedia, it's "an addition required to be made to a document by its author subsequent to its printing or publication". I have no idea if this counts as an addendum.