Yet Another Blog Rewrite


Do you remember seven months ago when I said development of this blog was finished and I was just going to make small changes from now on? Turns out that was a hecking lie.

I've been very bored the last few weeks, so I've decided that I want rewrite this site in an entirely different technology stack. I've had a bit of deliberation on what the new stack will be but the basic jist of things that are changing is this:

  • Svelte + NodeJS instead of jQuery + Python for client/server side code.
  • Redis instead of MariaDB for storing emails and caching articles.
  • Dokku for deployment instead of a bunch of garbage Shell scripts.
  • Images are going to go through a CDN instead of me serving them myself.

Why are you using a JS framework?

Yes, a static site generator like Hugo or Jekyll would probably work better and be much more performant. But that crap is boring and I like over-engineering things.

Why Svelte instead of React or Vue?

React sucks big ween and I can't be bothered to learn Vue. And to be honest, Vue is probably garbage as well.

I was going to wait until Svelte had TypeScript support before doing this, but then I remembered that I don't actually care about TypeScript.

You should write it in Rust instead

That is a very good idea and I was almost going to do it until I found out that there are no good Markdown to HTML crates and I don't want to write my own. Maybe I'll do it on the next rewrite.

What's your favourite ice cream flavour?

Stick to questions about the topic at hand please.

What's wrong with MariaDB?

I really don't need a relational database for this stuff and I hate configuring the my.cnf file.

Why were you using a bunch of garbage Shell scripts in the first place?

I've never claimed to be smart.

What's up with the triangle?

I don't know what to draw and it was the first shape that came into mind.

When will this be done?

I have no idea.