An Idiot Teaches You How To Use A Coffee Siphon


Hello, today I will teach you how to use a coffee siphon (also known as a vacuum pot). I've been looking at other cooking tutorials on the internet for a reference on how to structure this and they all seemed to start with a personal anecdote, so here's mine:

Two years ago I intentionally let my phone die, leaving me completely lost in Tokyo. I had a vague understanding of the layout of Tokyo due to all the anime and video games I consume, but I had no idea how to get back to the Airbnb. While trying to find my way, I made a stop into a café and that's when I first discovered coffee siphons. I ordered some coffee and the owner (I think?) explained how it works. When I got back home I bought a coffee siphon off Amazon and tried to brew some coffee using his instructions.

Also please note that he explained it in Japanese, a language I don't understand, so I might be doing everything wrong. But I've been doing it like this for two years and I think it tastes okay so it's probably close to correct.

That's probably enough anecdote for today, let's start!

Here's what you need:


  • Coffee siphon + filter.
  • Butane burner.
  • Coffee beans + grinder.
  • Water.
  • Spoon.

First you need to grind the coffee beans (I don't know how much you need to grind). Then you boil some water, I also don't know how much to boil but you just need enough to fill it.

Note: When you grind the coffee, make it as course as possible so it doesn't go through the filter.

Pour the water into the bottom part.

Now put the filter on the top part and put the top part on the bottom part (I don't know what they're called), but don't completely seal it! Just let the top part rest on the bottom part at an angle. I don't know why, I think it's so it's quicker to seal when we actually want to. After that put the butane burner under it and light it up.


Keep the heat at like max or something and wait until the water starts to bubble. When it does, seal the bottom part with the top part and turn the heat down on the butane burner. If you did it correctly the water should be moving from the bottom part to the top part. This is because of physics I think.


After all the water has gone to the top part, dump the coffee grounds in and stir it for like ten seconds or something. I think you could also have the coffee grounds in there from the start, but I've always put them in after.


After like two minutes, turn off the butane burner. Now the coffee should be going to the bottom part, like this:


Now you can take the top part off and pour the coffee into a cup.


I put milk in my one. I used to drink it black, but that was because I didn't know you could put milk in coffee.