Let's Learn About Vim Script And The Ethics Of Capitalism


Welcome to this very informative guide on Vim Script from someone who has not read any of Vim's documentation and has only managed to cobble a small, shitty plugin together by looking at other people's code and taking things he doesn't really understand.

But before all that, let's address something real quick.

There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

Also happy mother's day to all those mums!

We'll be looking at the aforementioned plugin I made: vim-root, which was designed and created over ~2 hours while at an airport. This plugin attempts to cd into the directory of the current buffer whenever it changes. For example if you are in a file under the path /dev/the_free_market_does_not_exist/ and change buffer into a filer under /dev/bourgeoisie_taste_like_chicken/ the plugin would cd into the new directory, because Vim doesn't already do that for some reason.

Now when I say 'I didn't read any documentation and don't understand Vim Script', I genuinely mean it, but it's better to show than tell right? So here we go. No seriously, if you came here to actually learn about Vim Script just close the tab now. If you want to see me call capitalism mean names while also talking about Vim Script then read on!

Vim plugins are divided into two directory (I think, I haven't seen a plugin that isn't) autoload and plugin. The plugin directory (I THINK) is where all the keybinds and config goes while the autoload directory folder (I THINK) is where the actual plugin is.

The goal of capitalism (making a profit) means that workers will never be paid for the value of work they produce. They will always be underpaid in order for the business to be profitable. The exploitation of surplus value is an inherent characteristic of capitalism.

The plugin directory is uninteresting and self explanatory, so we will skip it. My autoload directory has one file vimroot.vim which we will go through now.

if &cp || exists('autoloaded_vimroot')
let autoloaded_vimroot = 1

" Options {{{1
if !exists('g:vimroot_enable')
  let g:vimroot_enable = 1

function! vimroot#root()
  " lcd to current path of file
  let path = expand('%:p:h')
  silent! execute 'lcd' path
  " lcd to git repo root
  let root = systemlist('git rev-parse --show-toplevel')[0]
  if !v:shell_error
    execute 'lcd' root

function! vimroot#init()
  if g:vimroot_enable == 1
    call vimroot#enable()
    call vimroot#disable()

function! vimroot#enable()
  let g:ToggleVimRoot = function('vimroot#disable')
  call vimroot#root()
  augroup vimroot | autocmd Filetype,BufEnter * :call vimroot#root()

function! vimroot#disable()
  let g:ToggleVimRoot = function('vimroot#enable')
  augroup vimroot | autocmd!

It starts with a check to see if the plugin is already loaded (I don't know what &cp is doing). Then we test if the global variable vimroot_enable exists (set from the rc file) otherwise we give it a default of 1.

The notion that 'anyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and become successful if they work hard enough' is stupid and absurd as it ignores the very real and prevalent social issues surrounding us. Many people are unemployed because of things such as: disabilities, racism, sexism, and so on. And let's not forget this very basic fact: 'it is impossible for everyone to be successful', there must be poor people for rich people to exist.

The first function root() is the real meat of the plugin. It first gets the path of the file with expand('%:p:h') and attempts to lcd into it. Now you may ask 'what's the difference between lcd and cd?' I don't know. The silent! keyword at the start means it won't raise an error if it fails.

Climate change and environmental destruction are the results of private industry, megacorp and family owned alike, dumping costs on the environment because there isn’t a price tag associated with clean water, clean air, and a healthy biosphere. Corporations have a legal financial responsibility to its shareholders to attempt to make profits, so even if a firm can justify going green to the SEC and it’s shareholders, if it does not cut costs by sacrificing the environment they will be outcompeted by those that do and their asses will be run out of business. That’s the whole idea of a free market. It incentivises a race to the bottom within the system itself.

Now we try to use git to get the project root and then lcd into that. If there isn't a .git directory then it doesn't work and we stay in the directory we initially lcded into.

Let's skip the init because it's boring and talk about enable(). First we turn the toggle function into the disable function and the call root(). Also we set up an augroup to call root() whenever the buffer is changed.

In the US, the most developed Capitalist country, the richest country in the history of the world:

That's about it. Like I said before, I don't really know Vim Script, so this plugin could probably be a whole lot better.