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Finland Seems Nice


825 is the new highest number of daily Covid-19 cases recorded by any Australian state at any time during the pandemic.

And what better way to celebrate than to protest in large numbers about lockdowns caused by people gathering in large numbers! Yes it's big brain time.

This is the first time I've ever talked about lockdowns on this site, and it's going to be my last. I'm tired of all of this shit so this is just going to be some unhinged rant by some enby who spends too much time on the Internet.

As much as I'd like to blame the government for everything wrong in this country, Australia is a democracy (or at least, it looks like one if you squint your eyes and don't think too hard about what you see) and the only reason the government has the power to completely fuck everything up is because the people gave it to them.

A lot of the people who show up to these protests are folks with some legitimate claim to hardship. This is because of the obvious and varied failures of the government in addressing this "once in a century pandemic" as well as just in general.(1)(1) If you want a nice list of the failures of the Australian government, here you go: https://www.mdavis.xyz/govlist They are angry, and that's fair. I'm angry too, I get it…

(1) If you want a nice list of the failures of the Australian government, here you go: https://www.mdavis.xyz/govlist

…Is what I would be saying if it wasn't 1 AM, I wasn't missing the start of le 24 heures du Mans to write this, and I still had some empathy left in me after spending a few hours right before this in Telegram chat rooms reading these people's batshit conspiracy theories and complaining about being fined for deliberately endangering the health and safety of others.

No this is a rant remember?

I'm so sick of these dumb cunts finding conspiracies in the most obscure places and all the mental gymnastics they do to connect the dots when all they have to do is look at past, current, and future proposed policies by the government they voted for that's constantly eroding their social freedoms, workers rights and environment at every opportunity.

Graham Lyons does not think the COVID-19 pandemic is real, and he is willing to go to jail to prove it.

He has also refused to wear a mask and will not sign-in to businesses he visits.

"The government has no right to track the citizenry like that," he told the ABC.

Of course, it's the check in app that's going to let the government track you and read your thoughts, not all the cyber (in)security legislation they're passing. Let's not even mention how face masks can screw up facial recognition - one of the easiest ways (for a government) of tracking people's physical location.

What the fuck do these people actually want from all this?

There's these interesting quotes from the first article I linked about what people were saying in chat rooms the protests.

After arrests, users inside encrypted messaging apps where the protests were being organised in real-time began to panic.

"Where are our leaders?!" one Sydney user wrote into the group.

"Where the f*** are people who promised to lead it?"

They're authoritarians.

Yeah, it might be little strange calling conspiracy theorists railing against the government "authoritarians". Normally, you'd think of authoritarians as the "dictator", "ruler", or "tyrant" who wants complete control. That's one type of authoritarian, and I'm sure some of them are like this (maybe the "people who promised to lead it").

But these people are more of the second type - someone who, because of their personality, submits to their authorities. These are the "followers" and are actually the authoritarian personality that psychology has studied the most, because it's how the first type even gets their power.

Followers have mainly copied the beliefs of the authorities in their lives. They have not developed and thought through their ideas as much as other people have. Almost anything can be found in their heads if their authorities put it there, even stuff that contradicts other stuff.

Why do you think these people go to these anti-lockdown protests when it's proven around the world (and in Australian states that aren't NSW) that a quick lockdown to catch the spread early works. There are even stories of people who still deny the existence of Covid even after some they know has died from it.

They have no real ideology, or one that they came to by themselves.

At least I can understand that a capitalist would be anti-lockdown in order to keep their workers and the economy "going".(2)(2) Even though the economy would be a lot worse if millions of people died than if there was just less business activity for a week. But what the hell do these people get out of allowing a pandemic to spread unchecked?

(2) Even though the economy would be a lot worse if millions of people died than if there was just less business activity for a week.

They're stupid narcissists who just want to get rid of anything they personally don't agree with. And most of the time they don't even know why they don't agree with it.

They think they're special because they know the "truth", when all they do is regurgitate what the leader and their circle tells them. Then they go on quoting Instagram musicians, photographers, influencers, and extremely shady "doctors" who don't even experience in any relevant fields as their source, and saying things like "I DID MY RESEARCH, STOP BEING A SHEEP".

Researching only what you want to hear is not research, it's called confirmation bias you dumb shit.

And isn't it funny when they keep saying to "think for yourself", "don't be a sheep" and "do your own research" but they seem to believe and say the exact same things as every other nutjob. Take a look at yourself.


Here's a small addendum that isn't so ranty, because saying mean things genuinely makes me feel bad so I have to add this to be able to sleep tonight (or "tomorning" since it's now 2 AM).

It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he never was reasoned into.

The appeal of the these conspiracy theories doesn't come from a position of logic, it comes from a position of emotion - and you can't reason someone out of the way they feel.

And on some level, what they feel is right. There is something wrong with this world, there are bad people doing bad things. But this ain't it my guy.

Yes, the Australian government (from local to federal level) is complete garbage rife with corruption.

Our Covid response (in NSW) has been confused with outright contradictory official communications, the state has been given centralised even more and given unscrutinised emergency powers, public health responses are led by police, and all combined with goalposts that are less on wheels as they are simply phasing through space-time all combine to make countering conspiracies or easing the mind of their audiences rather difficult.

There are serious problems with the government. But you are the people who voted them in,(3)(3) The majority are NLP voters, let's be real here. why did you not see this coming? And why are you blaming something else?

(3) The majority are NLP voters, let's be real here.

I'd like to believe that these people are just manipulated by the actual authoritarians and they could easily get back on track if given enough time and understanding, but sometimes I'm not so sure.

Also to be fair, not all the anti-lockdown people subscribe to these conspiracy theories. Some of them are just people who want haircuts and don't care that people may die. Although that might be worse now that I'm thinking about it.

Anyway if you want something to make you feel calmer, check out this Reddit post I found called "Rainy Peaceful Pond in Finnish Wild Forest - Kerava Finland". Unless rain and Finnish forests aren't calming for you, in which case you can go fuck yourself.


Update: Okay, so I've gotten some sleep and re-read all of this and now I've found something else to lose sleep over - that is; my entire spiel on authoritarians is completely unsupported with anything. I mean yeah, it is a rant, but I'd rather not say stupid things that's not backed up by anything (especially if this is your first time hearing about it).

So I might make another post with actual sources but if that never happens, "The Authoritarians" by Bob Altemeyer is a good book to read (it's short too, only took me a few hours), and you can download it for free from here.