Looking At My .Vimrc


This is a reference guide for my .vimrc that you can find here. This is mainly being written because I keep forgetting what keybindings some of the plugins use. Even though this is not a guide to the .vimrc, if you use Vim you may still find this somewhat useful. If you don't use Vim, you are a bad person and should go away >:(


The leader key has been remapped to the comma key ,.


Move between tabs with -- to go back and == to go forward.

Move between buffers with TAB-k to go back and TAB-j to forward.

Close buffers with LEADER-bq.


Move between window panes with CTRL-[h,j,k,l].

Create a terminal window (only on Vim8) with LEADER-ht for horizontal and LEADER-vt for vertical.

Close a terminal window with ESC.


Show the weather (for Sydney) with LEADER-we.

Reference the current file's path in command line with %%.

Run the current file with Python with :Pyrun. Do it with interactive mode :PyrunI.

Write as root with sudo tee hack with :w!!.

Rename current file with LEADER-rn.



Open undotree with LEADER-u.

TagBar / CTags

Open TagBar with LEADER-t.


Trigger word motion with LEADER LEADER w.

Search ctags with LEADER-..

Multiple Cursors

Taken from the docs (mostly), I haven't played around with this very much:

  • start: CTRL-n start multicursor and add a virtual cursor + selection on the match

  • next: CTRL-n add a new virtual cursor + selection on the next match

  • skip: CTRL-x skip the next match

  • select all: ALT-n star muticursor and directly select all matches You can now change the virtual cursors + selection with visual mode commands. For instance: c, s, I, A work without any issues. You could also go to normal mode by pressing v and use normal commands there.

At any time, you can press ESC to exit back to regular Vim.


Comment out one line with gcc.

Comment out multiple lines (in visual. mode) with gc.


Change the surrounding elements of a word with cs/old/new/. e.g cs'".

Wrap a word with elements with ysiw/elem/. e.g ysiw{.


Trigger word motion with LEADER-LEADER-w.