How To Play SDVX Exceed Gear On PC If You Don't Know Any Japanese

  • Step 1: Learn Japanese.

There are many resources on the Internet for this.

If you know Japanese, you shouldn't really need a guide for this. It's pretty self explanatory.

  • Step 3: Try to convince people you aren't a weeb because you know Japanese.

Oh dear, people now think you're a weeb because you know Japanese (even though you definitely aren't), this is very bad. Here are some things to say when questioned about your Japanese language speaking abilities:

"No, I just like the language."

"I don't actually know much about Japanese history. Don't look at my bookshelf over there."

"I know I almost exclusively consume Japanese media, but that doesn't make me a weeb."


  • Step 4: Develop an amnesia potion and forgot Japanese.

So you couldn't convince people you aren't a weeb. Does this mean you'll have to accept the fact that you are one? No, don't worry! But, this just means we'll need a different approach to being able to play SDVX Konasute.

How To Play SDVX Exceed Gear On PC Without Learning Japanese So People Don't Think You're A Weeb


Okay so this is actually a guide on getting Sound Voltex Exceed Gear on PC to work, the joke part is over.(1) Since I don't know Japanese (because I'm not a weeb) I'm probably going to forget what to do and what buttons to press, so I'm writing this as a reference.

(1) I no longer enjoy writing "guides" unless they have some sort of stupid gimmick.

First the most important part is having a Japanese Konami ID with an e-amusement pass attached. This is very important, it HAS to be Japanese otherwise you can't play. Information on what e-amusement is and how to make a Japanese Konami ID is on remywiki.

Now we can actually download the game, go here and click the button that looks like a download button(2) to download the .msi file.

(2) It's all in Japanese so you'll need to use your natural human abilities of pattern matching to figure out what button looks like it be the download based on your previous experience of downloading things from the Internet. (Hint: there is only one button on the page)

If it doesn't download and instead sends you to a page with a bunch of gibberish, go back, right click the button instead and choose "Save Link As." You can name it whatever you want, but just make sure it ends with .msi.

Open the file and install the thing. It's pretty straight forward, press the button with "N" to go to the next page, "B" to go back, and the other one cancels. On the first page, tick the box it gives you (I'm assuming those are the terms and conditions), and on the next page is where where you can choose where the game is to be installed.

Now we can test that the game actually works, the installer should have created a desktop shortcut to click on, but if it didn't you can go back to the SDVX website and click the "PLAY GAMES" button at the top. That should take you to a webpage with another button to click which will open the game that you installed your PC.

Make sure to always open the game this way, do not try to open the .exe directly, going through the webpage is how the game authenticates your Konami ID account.

The game should ask to start updating (just say "Yes" or "Ok" to any prompts, it'll be fine I'm sure) or you can press the button with the folder and magnifying glass icon. Once that's done you can go to the settings and change stuff. If you have a SDVX controller you won't need to make any changes, but if you are going to use keyboard you can look at the bindings or change them here.

When you're done with that start the game and test it works, you will be on the trial version for now so there will only be a few songs to play. If it doesn't work then… I dunno, worked for me, can't really help you there.

For the next parts you might not be able to get through just with a basic understanding of website UX design, so I'll be providing translations (from deepL as I don't know Japanese because I am not a weeb) of what words you need to press.

Try not to remember what the characters are so you can be sure to not know any Japanese. If you have a good memory and find this too hard, try bad mouthing Japan to your friends and loved ones with things such as the horrific crimes committed by imperial Japan which the modern government still has not apologised for, or the depressing work culture, or the xenophobia, or the stagnating economy, or the… actually that's probably enough to not sound like a weeb.

Now you'll need to purchase a monthly subscription to the Basic Course, which is done with this link and by clicking 了承する ("Acknowledge"), selecting the payment method and 次へ ("Next"), then entering details as needed. You'll be asked to enter your password to confirm the purchase.(3)

(3) FYI: Basic Course subscriptions expire at the end of the month, which means that you'll get more out of it if you subscribe at the start of the month.

You can either pay with PASELI or a credit card. Info on PASELI is also on remywiki. To use a credit card, you need to add a card to your account first. Log into My KONAMI and select クレジットカード情報 ("Credit card information") in the red "KONAMI ID" box, followed by 登録 ("Register"). Enter your card as requested then hit 確認 ("Confirm").

Once you've purchased Basic Course you can play all the songs that come with it, which you can find in the song list page which is determined if the song is listed with 最初からプレーできます at the bottom.

The rest of the songs are broadly available from two main sources:

  • Song packs, which are purchasable from here. The prices vary based on the number of songs the pack contains. You can find out what songs are in each pack in the aforementioned song list page and using the last filter dropdown.
  • Monthly bonus songs, made available to players who subscribed to Basic Course in a particular month.

One final note, if you don't feel good about giving Konami money because they're a terrible, awful, no good, shitty company whose executives deserve to sleep on the dirt that their brains are made out of as they rot away locked up in no-pizza island, don't worry! You can play a SDVX emulator like USC instead. Just download SDVX charts from here and you're good to go!